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Psychic Development and Mediumship Skills Class

Everyone is born with psychic abilities. Some are more comfortable with their abilities than others. Some may have shut their abilities down, due to fear or traumatic incident. If you are interested in honing your awareness of your psychic gifts, in a small group or with individualized instruction, this is the class for you!

Each 2 – 2 ½ hour monthly session covers a new topic, starting with the awareness of our multi-dimensional selves, to the importance of spiritual hygiene and protection, to the power of discernment as we remain in nonhierarchical and nonjudgmental positionality as we enter divination and spirit work. We also explore the role of empathy and telepathy in psychic work and mediumship practice.

Each session begins with a concept and evolves into practice—meditation and practice with psychic and mediumship readings. Each class is tailored to meet each individual student where they are on their path toward development.

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Cost is $65.00 per person/class session