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Located on Bond Street in the up and coming section of Asbury Park, New Jersey, A Year and a Day Mystical Shoppe offers a nice selection of stones, crystals, pendulums, smudge supplies, herbs, incense, books, Tarot and Oracle cards, tapestries, candles, oils, jewelry, CBD Oil products, singing bowls and more. 

A Year and a Day Mystical Shoppe is more than just a metaphysical store.  We offer spiritual advice and counseling, Reiki Workshops and attunements. We have ongoing weekly meditation groups, workshops and special events (please see our dates, times and workshops in the Events section). If a group meditation or healing is not for you, or a date and time for an event does not work for you, please let us know!  We will be happy to schedule a private session.

Each day people come together in different ways to celebrate and unify within a space that supports spiritual growth and healing for everyone. We believe in the power of community and would love to be a part of yours as we seek and explore our divine selves.  The shifts that occur when hearts open within a space of unconditional love allow us all to expand into something far greater than ourselves. Our focus and commitment is to provide not only a space, but knowledge, understanding, love and healing so that transformation can occur within the hearts and souls of all.  We do not ascribe to any one path of spiritualism and welcome all modalities on the journey to higher consciousness.  Conversation, healing and learning is what motivates us.

A Year and a Day Mystical Shoppe is family owned and operated and we love to expand our soul family!

Rev. Dr. Anthony C. Martin brings a lifetime of knowledge and experience from a vast expanse of spiritual paths.  He is an Ordained Minister, Pagan High Priest, Santero, Shaman and Reiki Master and has studied numerous religions and spiritual practices.  Anthony can guide you through the use of numerous methods, such as Tarot and psychic readings, mediumship, healings, empathy, scrying and meditations to begin, or continue on your individual spiritual journey.

Rev. Maria Martin is an Ordained Minister, Reiki Master, Crystal/Stone Healer, Shaman and Light Language Speaker. She is also an Empath and very intuitive.  Maria performs integrated energy healings, incorporating all healing techniques to obtain the optimum result for each individual.  In addition to utilizing Reiki, Crystals and Stones, Shaman Medicine and Light Language, Maria also uses aromatherapy, sound (music, bells, chimes and drums) as well as tuning forks to assure your Chakras and meridians are open, aligned and balanced.  Healing the physical, emotional and spiritual pieces of ourselves is an essential part to anyone’s spiritual growth. 

Additionally, Maria provides a unique shopping experience; she matches people’s energies to the crystals and stones.  She will show you how to connect with them before you make a purchase to assure you have the right one for you.


SUNDAY: 12:00pm – 6:00pm


TUESDAY – WEDNESDAY:  11:00am – 7:00pm

THURSDAY – SATURDAY:  12:00pm – 8:00pm


Phone:  848-217-2371

Email:  Ayearandadaymysticalshoppe@yahoo.com

Address:  413 Bond Street, Asbury Park, NJ  07712