A Year and a Day Mystical Shoppe

is a family owned and operated metaphysical store. We carry products used for many paths such as Pagan, Wicca, Witchcraft, Santeria, Buddhism and other occult spiritual beliefs. We believe there are many paths that lead to Divine Source.

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Aura Photos for People and pets!  

The following is a sample of our current stock that includes:

Gemstones and Crystals, Pendulums, Salt and stone lamps; Incense sticks, resins and cones, Incense Burners; Smudging supplies including Sage, Palo Santo, Dragon’s Blood, Abalone shells and more; Herbs for your metaphysical needs and rituals; CBD Oils and products; Tarot and Oracle decks and kits; Books and Music; Statues; Candles and Oils; Store-made Aromatherapy/ Smudging sprays, Specialty Candles and Intention/Spell Jars; Singing Bowls; Jewelry and more for your New Age and Spiritual needs!

If you need something you don’t see in the store, we will be happy to special order for you. We also offer a convenient in-store Layaway program!

Crystals and Gemstones

At a Year and a Day Mystical Shoppe, we carry an extensive assortment of natural gemstones and crystals.  We work with you on a one-to-one basis to choose the stones and crystals that will best work with you for your individual needs such as meditation, grounding, balance and/or healing.  You will learn how to connect with the energy of the crystals and stones and we will Reiki-Charge them for you at no additional cost.  With each stone you take home, you will receive the name of the stone along with a description of its properties for easy reference.

Premium Hand-Dipped Incense Sticks and Cones

We have more than 30 different incense scents from Amber to Ylang Ylang!  Our hand-dipped incense sticks are amazing and are bag your own; you can buy 1 stick to as many as you’d like.  Cone incenses come in packages of 20.  We also have incense resins and a nice selection of burners that will go with any décor.

Smudge Supplies

Have you moved into a new dwelling or business?  Maybe you purchased an antique item or a new gemstone or crystal, or have received one as a gift?  Did you get a new Tarot or Oracle card set?  Time to smudge!  We carry an array of smudging supplies from the traditional Sage and Palo Santo to smudge bowls, cauldrons, shells, charcoal, other herbs and feathers.

A Year and a Day Mystical Shoppe’s Store-Made Aromatherapy/Smudging Sprays

Do you have a space that needs smudging, but you are not able to burn an herb such as Sage, Cedar or Palo Santo?  Maybe your work space, apartment or vehicle need clearing?  We offer our unique Shaman-made Smudging and Palo-Sandal Wood sprays made with natural oils to cleanse any area.  Need help sleeping, or assisting your pet deal with anxiety?  Try our Tranquil Space Spray made with Lavender petals and essential oils.  Spray some on your sheets or pillow case, or on the underside of your pet’s bed to get the soothing sent of lavender to aid in calming and relaxation.