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Healing Circles

Healing Circles are a wonderful way for energy healers to practice their skills and do their work on one another.  It is also an amazing way for people who are new to Reiki and energy therapy to get a taste and feel of what these therapies are all about.  No prior healing experience is required.

Reiki Master Maria Martin and Medicine Woman Lauren Porter will be leading these circles.

Each circle will begin with a guided meditation and breathing exercises that will help you expand your subtle bodies and meridians.  This will allow Energy to move more freely enabling you to be more connected to the ebbs and flows and the rhythms of movement between you and the person you are conducting the healing energy to.

Maria and Lauren will share different healing techniques and welcome you to share with us.

Energy Healing is ever-evolving and is meant to be shared so that each healer resonates with their highest potential for the good of all.

Upcoming Dates

Please see our upcoming healing circles on our event calendar!

*Healing Circles are from 7-8pm

Please Register by:

Calling: 848-217-2371 or

Email:  Ayearandadaymysticalshoppe@yahoo.com

Cost is $10.00 per person