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Have you ever wondered what your aura looks like, or what the colors in your energy field mean?  Everything is energy, and we are all made up of energy. Our energy is sensitive and affected by many factors. Auras are one way of knowing what our energetic state of being is.

It is believed that each level of your aura is represented by a different color. The way these colors interact demonstrates how mentally, physically and spiritually energized you are.  For instance, some levels may be brighter where you have vibrant energy whereas other levels may be dull if you’re feeling sad or sick. Also, depending on what is going on in life, your aura will be different and the colors may change.

Some layers, or chakras, may be more dominant while others may be less visible and less easily sensed.

Here’s a breakdown of the different layers and their colors:

  • Root or Physical Layer: RED, which may be sensed or may even be visible between your tailbone and pelvic bone
  • Sacral Layer: ORANGE, which may be sensed below your naval
  • Emotional Layer: YELLOW, which may be sensed around your solar plexus, or the area below your ribcage and around the center of your abdomen
  • Astral Layer or Heart Chakra: GREEN, which may be sensed in or around your chest
  • Spiritual Layer or Throat Chakra: BLUE, which may be sensed at the base of your throat
  • Intuitional Layer or Third Eye: INDIGO, or DEEP PURPLE, which may be sensed at the center of your forehead
  • Absolute Layer or Crown Chakra: WHITE, which may be sensed at the top of your head

What do the different layers mean?

  • Physical. This layer may be diminished while we’re awake and replenished when we rest. It’s said to be connected to our physical comforts and health, as well as our five senses.
  • Astral. This emotional layer is said to emit our sensitive nature. It’s where we provide self-love.
  • Lower mental. Your waking self may use this layer frequently, because it’s said to be where reason and thought patterns reside. You use the energy of this layer to work, study, focus, and execute on your beliefs and values.
  • Higher mental. In this layer — which may serve as a bridge between the other layers — you connect your care for yourself to your care for others.
  • Spiritual. At this layer, you may connect with other people over spiritual matters. You’re said to grow and shine brighter when you teach, share, and engage with others on a spiritual level.
  • Intuitional. The celestial plane is said to act as your third eye. It may help you see your dreams and be aware of your own intuition or instincts.
  • Absolute. The final aural layer may act as a “net” of sorts, keeping each of the individual layer confined and balanced in harmony.

Schedule an appointment and come in to take a look at your Aura with our 3D Aura Imaging system.  Get a digital Aura photo along with a full report of what your colors mean with recommendations for correcting any imbalances you may have.

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