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Ministry Services

At A Year and a Day Mystical Shoppe we believe in you: your ideas, your visions, your faith and your spirit.  That is why we work hard to make your special day as unique as you are.  If you are looking for a ceremony that is attuned with your beliefs as well as your needs, look no further.  Whether you are religious, spiritual or non-denominational, we delight in bringing your vision to life.   

Rev. Dr. Anthony C. Martin:  Rev. Dr. Anthony C. Martin, with his vast knowledge of spiritual and religious cultures and his unique blend of knowledge and perceptivity, he creates and conveys ceremonies that will reach your heart and soul.  Rev. Dr. Martin’s ability to connect empathically with people enables him to truly delve into and link with you and develop a truly one of a kind ceremony.

Rev. Maria Martin:  Rev. Maria Martin has dedicated herself to inspiring others with her remarkable insights and uncanny ability to develop and deliver ceremonies that will inspire and uplift.  With her ambition to enliven the lives of others, her gift of being able to energetically connect with people, Rev. Martin delivers a ceremony to be remembered.

Rev. Lauren Porter:  Rev. Lauren Porter is a spiritual leader and brings her experience as a Shaman in the community to craft and perform ceremonies.  Rev. Porter has studied numerous religions and spiritual paths and will work with your spirit guides to design a ceremony that is empowering and is as unique as you are.

Types of Ministry Services

  • Weddings – Our ordained ministers specialize in creating beautiful, joyous, inspirational wedding ceremonies. Civil, interfaith, non-denominational, spiritual, alternative, same-sex marriage. We guarantee your absolute satisfaction.
  • Vow Renewals – Many couples who have been in their marriages for some time, decide to renew the vows they have made and reaffirm their commitment and everlasting love for one another.   However inspired, couples can renew their vows exactly as they made them the day they were wed or they can create vows with new visions for their future together.  The vows you make can even reflect your time already spent together in both a humorous and serious light. The choice is yours to make.
  • Handfastings – These wedding ceremonies have their roots in Celtic wedding rituals.  It involves the tying of hands together to symbolize the binding of two hearts to be tied together, in unity.  Handfastings can be performed as one aspect of your ceremony in combination with another ritual, or done simply in its own rite.
  • Baptism/Dedication Ceremonies – Baptisms and Dedications are ceremonies symbolizing one’s inauguration, or commencement on their chosen religious or spiritual path.  We will meet with you to discuss any specific cultural, spiritual or religious elements to be included in your ceremony and will create your ceremony to fit your needs.
  • Funerals – The passing of a loved one can be a challenging time both spiritually and emotionally.  Our empathetic ministers bring compassion, respect and understanding to help you in this stressful time.  Let us together, memorialize the life that has transcended to the next part of their journey in the great wheel of life.
  • Affirmation of Love – This ceremony, also called a Commitment Ceremony, is a decree of love between two people, but does not bind the couple under the same laws as a marriage. It symbolizes the commitment and promise each person has to the other to share their love and trust.  It is the blessing and unifying of the pledge to one another that, like a marriage, is a life-long commemoration of the couple’s dedication to the love that exists and is shared between two souls.

Love is what matters most.  The hearts and souls, whether in joyous celebration, or in times of grief or stress, need empathy, understanding and compassion.  Our dedicated, caring ministers are here to fulfill your needs.  We have one mission; to provide you with the experience that enriches, enlivens and ensures that your special day is one that you cherish for all the years to come.

We are available for services in NJ, PA and NYC areas.

From our family to yours, we wish you love, peace and happiness.